Friday, 27 February 2009

Manchester City Football Ground

A very impressive main entrance to the ground

The Space Age Design

This Stadium was built and designed for the Commonwealth Games of 2002. After the games finished it was taken over by MCFC. Their old ground (Main Road ) was demolished.

A Fan

An effigy of a Manchester City Fan depicted in the Museum Climbing a wall to get in? Or out. LOL

The Ground

A good view of the terracing round the ground. Some of the terraces are left over from the Commonwealth Games. The running track was 15 feet higher than the pitch is now.

Sun Light on the Pitch

As there is very little sun in Manchester in the winter, the ground staff have devised a way of helping the grass to grow by using Artificial Sunlight with good results.

Players Tunnel

This is the player's entrance on and off the pitch

Physiotherapy Room

This is the Physiotherapy Department attached to the dressing room. If you get injured this is where you end up. As you can see it is well equipped.

The Strategy Board

This is the Strategy Board in the dressing room where the Manager and Training Staff with the Players discus tactics for the on coming match.

Joe Mercer

A Bronze Bust of Joe Mercer is one of Man. Cities most famous managers. 1965 to 1979

FA Cup Finals

This board tells us Man Cities Wins and Failures in the FA Cup Competitions

A Scene from the Museum

Manchester City has a Great Museum and you can trace their history. It started as St Marks Church football team in 1880 to 1887. They then changed their name to Ardwick AFC. In the first Derby match against Man United on the 1st Dec 1906 City won 3-0. Forty Thousand Fans watched the match.


An impressive group of trophy's won by Man City.


As with all Top Class Football Teams Manchester City has their fair of Trophy Cabinets. These are some of the older cups.

The Sprinters Start

This ground was built for the very successful Commonwealth Games and has been turned in to Manchester City Football ground. This Statue is I think from the previous use of the ground

The Garden

What a geat idea. Manchester City have Memorial Garden. So Families of the Fans can help the deceased to be happy when they have passed on.


Flowers in the Garden of Remembrance

Deceased Fans

When Fans Die the families like to remember them to the place that they loved. Man City Football Club.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Christmas Trees

It's Early December but the Christmas Lights are on in Singapore when I was on my to New Zealand. Singapore is a Polyglot of people of all Races and Religions. They all like Christmas.

The Pavements Come Alive

Is this a Giant Walk in Bun?

The Orchard Road

This is the Famous Orchard Road Shopping Complex.

Xmas Decorations

The Lights come on at Dusk

A Singaporian Pose's for a Photo.

The Magnificent Archway over Orchard Road

Christmas Tree Singapore Style

At night the great attention to detail pays off

A very hot day

During the Day it's 32c and 90% humidity.


This tree gives a whole new meaning to Christmas Baubles

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Midland Hotel

This is the Midland Hotel built 1898/1903 opposite Central Station for the railway company LMS. It's one of Manchester's best 5 star Hotels. The outer stone work is terracotta and faience to combat soot and smoke which maked it easier to clean. Coal is no longer burnt so Manchester is now smoke free.

The G Mex Centre.

This used to be Central Railway Station and was built in 1875/80. It was made from wrought iron and glass by the LMS railway company( London Midland and Scottish ). It was closed in 1986 and reopened in 1997 as an Exibition Centre and called G Mex.

Train to Tram

This Train is now approaching the road in to Manchester Town Centre where it becomes a Tram hows that for ingenuity.

The Temple Pub

Just round the corner from the Palace Theatre I came across this Underground Victorian Public Toilet circa 1880 that has been turned in to Pub. Hows that for recycling. A good idea? What do you think?

Refuge Assurance Building

The Refuge Assurance Building in the back ground (terracotta ) has been turned in to the Palace Hotel. The Palace Theatre with the Mary Poppins Production is one of Manchester's Premiere Theatres

Monday, 23 February 2009

The Bridgewater Hall for Orchestra's and all other Music.

The Bridgewater Hall was built in 1993 to 96. by RHWL Partnership and is the first auditorium of it's size to be built as a freestanding structure since the Royal Festival Hall in 1951. It has springs built in to the foundations to iron out vibrations from traffic and trains.It seats 2400 people

The Fountain

Outside theBridgewater Hall and looking over to the Rochdale Canal this Fountain helps to give some kind of ambiance to Barbirolli Square

Sir John Barbirolli

Born 1899 and died in 1970. He was the Conductor of the Halle Orchestra from 1943.

The Pebble in Barbirolli Square

This huge Pebble is on the pavement outside the Bridgewater Hall the home of the Halle Orchestra. You wouldn't want stub your toe on it. LOL

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Clown

Entertainment in The Trafford Centre at half term. The clown is performing in front of the children, who are sat on the floor in front of him. A camera man is filming it on to the giant screen above him. So we can all see a great idea.

The Bridge of the Orient

This is great view of the Orient the bridge of the ship is where the Giant Screen is. A very popular place for families

Eating Areas

All round the Orient are picnic areas with chairs and tables. So you don't have to buy if you have no money. Or you can bring your own food and just buy drinks for the family. There are lots of international restaurants around the area.

The Orient

This area of the Centre is designed to look like a Ship and is called The Orient and is complete with an on deck swimming pool.

The Clown on the Stage

The Clown on the Stage is Performing for the children and being Televised on to the Big Screen so every body can see him. A brilliant idea. Well done Trafford Centre.

Punch and Judy

They look after the Children at the Trafford Centre and provide entertainment for them at half term.

Mr Punch

Mr Punch fighting with a Police man and being encouraged by the children.

The Sausages

Punch and Judy Shows all ways seem to have the same ingredients a Crocodile, Sausages and Big Stick. The Children Love It.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

In the Middle of the TV Interview

Declan working his charm on a live interview showing his professionalism

Declan of Working Lunch

Declan in full flow in to the camera before interviewing

Two More Top Presenters from Working Lunch

The two gentlemen with the shiny heads are Rob Pittam and Simon Gompetz they usually do the outside programs for The Daily Working Lunch

People have Questions for the Experts

A large queue of people worried about their pensions and savings also mortgages waiting for advice.

The Two Presenters of Working Lunch

Declan Curry and Naga Munchetty get ready to start the broadcast live by comparing notes with two minutes to go.

The Reception Desks

At the Trafford Centre the Working Lunch Team a well known TV Money program came to do an outside broadcast. They were their to help members of the public with money problems caused by the credit crunch

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Horses with the Scented Hooves

These two Huntsmen on horses are spreading the scent trail which has been painted on the front hooves of the horses. They are about 30 mins. in front of the hunting pack. This is The North Cheshire Drag Hunt. (Fox Hunting is Illegal )
Gone are the days when a running man dragged a smelly sack around the course.

The Whipper In

The "Whipper In" controlling the hounds. Notice the long whip in his hands.