Friday, 31 October 2008


This Sculptor of three sheep was made by Ted Roocroft in 1986 in the vicinity of the ruins. They keep the grass down

Thursday, 30 October 2008

What little survives of the Roman Fort

As you can see not a lot left of the fort. With out it they may have not been a Manchester.
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The Roman North Gate

This is reconstruction of one of the four gates that was the a Roman Fort called Mancucium in the second century AD excavated in the 1980s

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Is this the Old Stretford End?

Is this a photograph of The Stretford End in the 1930s ?

Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Great Manchester United

The Facade of the Manchester United Stadium . Impressive Yes?

Sir Matt Busby

I'm pretty sure that Sir Matt Busby's shadow still looks after all that is Manchester United the Greatest Team in the World

The United Trinity

The United Trinity, George Best Dennis Law and Bobby Charlton. Their life size statues out side the Manchester United Stadium

The Cantilever Stands

This is the outside view of the giant cantilever which means that in the stadium there no pillars in the way of the viewing fans

European Cups

As you can see United has had plenty of success in Europe. They have play some of the top teams in the world. Football is now Global

Gold Trophies

Yet another cabinet of trophy's very impressive.

Gold Trophies

I don't think all these cups can be made of gold just gold plated. They make great display

Memorial Plaque

This memorial plaque is in the United Museum along side all the silver ware

Memorial Cups and Caps

Another Cabinet in the Museum

Carling Cups

This is Just one of the Trophy Cabinets in Man United's Museum

Munich Air Disaster

This is the Dedication Plaque for Munich Air Disaster

Rebirth of Manchester United

In the Munich Tunnel there are plaques on the wall dedicated to the players, staff and journalists who lost their lives in the Munich Air Disaster

South Stand

This is the outside of the South Stand, in the tunnel can be found plaques to the Memory of the Busby Babes who were killed in the Munich Air Crash Disaster

The Famous Stretford End

This is the Stretford End which at one time was a standing area only where all the staunch supporters stood. Of course this is not allowed anymore after crowd disasters in other grounds. Now all seated.


An action poster photograph of Ronaldo who comes from Portugal and of course is a Star player for United.

Rooney and Giggs

This Giant Poster is in the United Shop on the wall.

Sir Matt Busby

Sir Matt Busby was the manager of Manchester United and created The Busby Babes which were decimated in the Munich Air Crash 1958. He was badly injured in the crash he recovered and led the team to FA cup victory in 1963. Knighted in 1967. This is his Statue at the Front of the Ground

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Old Air Raid Siren

This is the Machine that sounded siren and alerted the populace that Air Raid was imminent.

ARP Stands for Air Raid Protection.

The wardens who were in the ARP were volunteers and usually had full time jobs during the day. Their job was to tell people in their houses to (PUT THAT LIGHT OUT) or point out the light that was coming through their Blackout Curtains. At the height of the War there were over a million and a quarter wardens. Other jobs that they did was to make sure that people got to their nearest shelter.

More jobs that women did.

Factory work making munitions and The Women's Land Army kept the country on it's feet.

Gas Masks

Every body had a Gas Mask including children and babies. As the poster says never leave home with out it. The Auxiliary Firemen helped the Full Time Fire Men to put out the fires. A dangerous job. Most had day jobs as well

Ladies who worked for the War Effort

All Children who lived in dangerous area's were Evacuated to the country side, including me. They were allocated to house's and families when they arrived. I was lucky and stayed there for four years.

Winston Churchill

The British Prime Minister

Airman Poster

Part of Winston Churchill's Speech on the Poster.

War Times Posters

Careless Talk Costs Lives


The toilets or loo's was just a two foot pipe with holes in it and seats placed over the holes. A water feed pipe is at one end so when a tank was full the pipe was flushed out Six in a line. Note the News Paper ( no toilet rolls in those days )

Kitchen where the tea was brewed.

It looks crude but it worked just fine and helped to calm frightened people

Another view of the kiichen

The old pot sinks are now back in fashion.


Blood pressure gauge and a Radio to listen what's going on above ground

Nursing Station

Not quite an Operating Theatre but better than nothing.


This one of the Photo's of the Nurses Station. Hence it was lined in a white material.
There was a baby born in here. Who is still alive and lives in Australia.


This Air Raid started to be dug out in 1938. They were in use by 1939. There were
three others dug out as well. The total people that could be sheltered was 7000.

Bunk Beds were provided three deep.

Whole streets tried to sleep in the same tunnel ( Good Neighbours ?)

This is Map of some of the Main Tunnels in the Air Raid Shelter

This Air Raid Shelter is in Stockport. Many people in Manchester went the Shelter from Manchester to get away from the Bombing in the War.

Lamp Room

Most of the Air Raid Shelter has electric lights installed. Some of the tunnels of the beaten track are still with out lights hence the head lights.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Ordsall Hall. north side

The Hall once had a moat and was also near the River Irwell. It also has it's own resident ghost The White Lady who is said to walk round holding a candle. The Radclyffes owned the house for 3oo years. The De Trafford family married in to the Radclyffes. The Egertons of Tatton Hall later owned the Hall but never lived their.

Friday, 10 October 2008

The Top Table

The Master and his family always ate at the Top Table. The servant's and estate workers ate lower down in the Great Hall. Hence the term below the salt. Only the Master had salt on his table

Some of the weapons of the day

On the bed are laid out some of weapons of the day. It looks as though the Sword would go through two people at once. What do you think?

The Star Chamber Bedroom

The Star Chamber was built about 1362 by Sir John Radclyffe as his private wing of the house. The Star Chamber had gilt coloured lead stars studded on to the ceiling, but have been replaced by plaster replicas. May be this is where Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby plotted Gun Powder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Nobody is sure if this is true.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Elizabethen Portrait of a Lady.

Above the top table in the hall hangs this portrait of a lady. Nobody is sure who it is. It is thought it could be Margaret Radcliffe one of the daughters of the house and became a favourite Maid of Honour to Elizabeth 1st.

Stained glass windows

These two stained glass windows are thought to come from the halls private chapel which was situated in east wing which has been demolished
The depict the Virgin Mary and St Catherine of Alexandria.

A further view of the kitchen

A cupboard which looks like welsh dresser proberbly kept the wooden platters that they off.
Also bread was part of the staple diet.