Saturday, 23 May 2009


The Ambulance Staff are the Unsung Hero's of the 10k Run.

A Casualty

Not everybody is happy on the Run so the Ambulance Personnel have to help the casualties to finish the 10k. It's not easy as it looks.


This couple are holding hands the lady obviously like Banana's.

Like the Hat.

The Hat is a Chicken sat on his head. All in great fun.


A very happy couple trot past in their Brass Helmets enjoying the crowd who are cheering them on.

Crocodile Man.

The Crocodile man seems to be feeling the Pain as he approaches the finishing post.

Fairy Feet.

This Lady is Winging her way to the finish line which is only 10 metres away.

Grizzle Bear.

The Ultimate Disguise? You have to Admire somebody who runs 10k in a Bear Suit.

The Wig.

This Long Blond Haired male must be very hot under that wig. I think he has done it for a bet to collect more money for his chosen charity.

Fire Man

This Fire Man has run 10 k in his very heavy fire suit with a cash bucket for collecting loose change from the spectators along the 10k course.

Tweetie Pie.

Another Bird Man with his Green Kit Bag on his Back. After all if he is going home on the bus he has to put his Bird Kit somewhere LOL.


The Parrots are on their Fly Pass?

The Teddy Bear.

Some people take pride in running with some great costumes.

Space Man

The Space Man is very hot in his suit, but he can see the finish line which is about 10 metres ahead.

The Manchester 10 K Run.

Thirty Three Thousand people ran the Famous Manchester 10 K Run for Charity it is Organised By BUPA.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

End of the Parade.

The Parade ends at the Large Marquee in Manchester's Albert Square.

Play that Music

The Pipe Whistle and Drum Band add Great Music to the Spanish Balearic Islands Holiday Publicity Campaign. So lets hope it does the Trick with Britain's Credit Crunch in Progress at the moment.


All three Skittles in the air at once while walking in the Parade the crowd are in awe.

A Tickling Stick.

Old Mother Hubbard is trying to Emulate "Ken Dodd" with her Spanish Tickling Stick?


Juggling on Stilts has got be hard with Old Mother Hubbard keeping her Beady Eye on them. LOL.


Heavy duty Drummers and the Sweepers on the parade.

The Sweepers.

The Sweepers at Work.

More Strange People.

Another set of people with skirts ( women ? ) with brushes to sweep the Demons Away?

The Ghouls or are they Devils?

These Ghouls or Devils reduced the Children Watching to Tears. ( not good )

Why the Book?

Not sure why the book, but what springs to mind the Spanish Inquisition? Can anybody put me right?

Quite Scary

The Stuff of Night Mare's ?

More Rearing Horses?

The Horse's Salute the Crowd in the Bright Sunshine.

Two Legged Horses

The Vandals and Visigoths strut their stuff riding their horses.

Two More Effigies.

The Hunter and his Bride walk to the sound of the Bag Pipes.

The Parade

The twelve foot high Stilt Walkers get the parade started. Note Manchester's Big Wheel in the back ground.

The Drum and Pipe Band.

I always thought that Bag Pipes were from Scotland, but not so Spain has had them for Centuries.

Spanish People in the Parade.

The Spanish dressed in their traditional costumes in the Parade.

The Ambulance Service.

Manchester's Ambulance and First Aid Nurses get ready to follow the Parade in case they are needed.

Friday, 15 May 2009


Father and Daughter? with the Blue Ribbon in her Hair she could be a City Supporter. LOL.

The Zebra Crossing.

More Spanish Effigies getting ready for the Parade.

Getting Ready for the Parade.

These Effigies are getting ready to parade in Manchester. I think they represent the Vandles and Visigoths who conquered Spain in the 5th Century. Followed by the Moors in 711AD.

The Marquee

This is the Biggest See Through Marquee that I have ever seen. Keeps the rain out and allows the sunshine in.

Spanish Dancers

The Spanish Dancers are Dressed Up and Ready to go on Stage and Dance.

Hats Off

Hats off to the Crowd when the Exhibition is Finished with Great Applause from Everybody.

The Lady Rider.

The Senorita is also a Good Rider.

Resume the Demo

Line a Breast all together.


It Takes Years to be this confident on a Horse.


In line Dressage part of the show. Horses and Riders are in perfect harmony together.

Showing Off.

The Horse is taught how to rear and maintain its balance before it can do it with a Rider on it's back.


Dancing on the Spot for the Master Trainer.

The Spanish Saddle.

A Close Up of the Spanish Saddle showing the Back and Front Rest which keeps the Riders in the Saddle when the Horse is Rearing.

The Head Trainer.

The Head Trainer Teaches the Horse the steps on Foot.

Superb Riding

You may wonder how the Riders stop them selves from slipping off the saddles?

Dancing on their Hind Legs.

Formation Dancing?

The Horses Rearing Up.

The Horses appear to be waltzing.