Monday, 27 April 2009

Radio Astronomy

This Telescope was made for Radio Astronomy this poster explains all about the use and future projects.

(Double Click and to make it bigger read then use the back arrow at the top left side to go back to normal).


On the 4th of October 1957 the USSR launched the first artificial satellite in orbit. Jodrell Bank was hurriedly mobilised to pick up the Beep Beep of Sputnik which was a hundred miles up, and was the only dish in the world that could do this. So made the Telescope Famous.

Another Dish

I think this dish is part of the string of 7 dishes up and down the country that are working together gathering information for "Merlin" for Technique called "interferometry". There is another European System called VLBI. ( Very Long Baseline Interferometry).


This poster on Quasars is defiantly worth reading so go for it.


This Poster explains Cosmology to us the Public, so if you want to know (double click)

The Gimbel

This is the Red Gimbel or Axle on which the telescope tilts. The one on the other side is the Green Gimbel.

The Dish

The Radio Waves that Hit the Dish are Concentrated on to the Collector in the Middle of the Dish.

High Resolution.

Another poster with information about different telescopes working together to form one giant Radio Telescope. ( Double Click as Usual to Read )

Up Close

The Dish is being focused on objects and every few minutes it moves slightly to realign the Dish because of the movement of the earth to the point of focus.

Up Dates

The Jodrell Bank Telescope has had several upgrades and in this poster you can read about them. ( Double Click again like last time )

The Dish

The Telescope can sweep the sky from any angle and is equipped with electric motors to move the dish.

About the Telescope

This is a stand with Information about the Telescope to Read it Double Click on the Picture. When you have finished just click on the (go back arrow) top left of the screen.


This is the Bust of Copernicus a Polish Astronomer. 1473 to 1543. He put forward the Ideas that were revolutionary at the time that the Earth and other Planets orbited round the Sun. Also that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe.

A Wooden Owl.

A great carving here one of his best I think.

Does it Fly?

It looks like a Golden Eagle what do you think?

Is it a Bird?

The Chain Saw Man has been at it again.


Early spring it's been the best the United Kingdom has had for years.

Sunny Day

A great spring day to be out with a camera.

The Dish

As we get nearer the Dish we can see the Huge Size of this Radio Telescope.

Bog Oaks

These Bog Oaks look stunning reflected in one of the ponds. Nature at it's best.

The Hawk

In the grounds of Jodrell Bank a man with a Chain Saw has carved out Birds from tree stumps. What a remarkable talent?

Saturday, 25 April 2009


A great sunny day in Jodrell Bank Gardens.

The Pond

The Pond again you can just see the telescope threw the trees.

The Dish

Nature and Modern Technology blend together in the countryside.

The Pond

Around the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope there some beautiful gardens and woodlands.

The Radio Telescope at Jodrell Bank.

Talking of Owls Ears, this Huge Ear among the Cherry Blossoms is listening to things from outer of space.

The Eagle Owl

One last look at the Eagle Owl. Just look at his Ears he is the Star of the Show.


I think this is a Gos Hawk but not sure. If I am wrong please let me know. ( Comments) His wings are fine he is just keeping himself cool.

The Barn Owl

Barn Owls are Britain's favourite Owl. They look superb and when they fly are noiseless so are successful hunters on the wing.

The Huge Eagle Owl

This is a Eagle Owl not a Species found in Britain.


Owls rest up during the day and hunt for prey during twilight and early dawn.


More Owls than anything else.

At the Fair

At the Fair the Local Bird Fanciers Club showing off some of their Birds.

The Country Fair

I was on my way to Jodrel Bank when I came across this Country Fair so I had a look round.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Lady Mayoress

This is The Lady Mayoress posing for a Photograph. Her name is Mavis Smitheman and if you look she has entered in to the Spirite of St George by dyeing her hair red.

Lady Mayoress Car

When the Parade was over the Municipal Car comes to drive the Mayor Home.

On The Dais

On the Dais the Lady Mayoress takes the Salute with Henry the Eighth and Queen Victoria.

The Salute

The Police on Horse Back, for Crowd Control, Salute the The Lady Mayor and her Entourage.

The Banner

A Closer at look at the Manchester's St George's Banner.

The Banner

St George's Banner he is the Patron Saint of England.

Court Ladies

The Ladies of Tudor Court's in their Long Beautiful Dresses.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Brass Bands

Great Marching Music.

Brass Bands

Brass Bands are formed from all three services Army,Navy,and Air force. They still carry on in today's Armed Services. So are represented in the St George's Parade.

The Round Heads

Oliver Cromwell's Army were called the Round Heads due to the Helmets that they wore.

The Flag and Drums

Behind the Pike Men are the Cavaliers with Flags and Drums.

The Pike Men

In medieval times the soldiers were armed with long pikes with sharpened points. Also they would drag small cannons on wheels and that's what we see here.

The Marching Pipe Band

With there Kilts Swaying to the Skirling Pipe and Drum Band the Crowd Clap with enthusiasm.

Pipe Band

The Skirl of the Pipes comes from the Oldham Pipe Band.

More Rose Queens

These Rose Queens have to walk but look good in the Glorious Sunshine.

An other float

More Flag Waving among the Red and White Balloons.