Thursday, 29 January 2009

The House again (The New Front)

The left view of the main house part of which is a two hundred year extension

The Hall Viewed from the Gardens

The back side of the hall as seen from the gardens

Another View on a Winters Day

A view looking across the lake towards the woods

The River that Runs past the Hall

The river runs in the valley and through Hall Gardens

Bramall Hall Lake with the Ducks

The Gardens of the Hall includes this Lake populated with Ducks

Friday, 23 January 2009

The Stocks where bad boys where kept

The punishment in medieval days was the stocks. Bad people were locked in the stocks for at least 24 hours and were pelted with rotten fruit and eggs. The shame sorted them out and taught perpetrator's to be better behaved in the future.

The Kitchen Preperation Table

Here we see the Kitchen Baking Table where food is being prepared with help of children and their parents. Game pies,bread,fruit and vegetables is the normal fare for house.

Harmony Medievil Style

This Trio are singing and harmonising songs from the Top Twenty Tudor Music Scene.
Note the huge Oak and Heavily carved Elizabethen Dresser behind the singers.

Listening to the Medievil Music

The children sat on the floor are enjoying the Medieval Music played by musicians dressed in Tudor Clothes playing the Lyre, Harp and Lute

A Knight Standing Guard

Has this knight who is standing in the hall got his hands in his pocket? LOL

The Sitting Room

This room was used as work room as well as a sitting room. Note the huge Dresser and Portrait's of the family. The lady is embroidering.

Private Chapel of the House

This is the Private Chapel of the house and all estate workers and families were expected to worship their. Also out workers as well. There was not an other church near the house so was an important part for the community.

Log Fire in the Great Hall

These large Stately Homes always had heating problems. It was one mans job in the winter to keep the fires burning both up stairs and down. Logs were stockpiled and dried out in the summer

The Great Hall/ Dining Room

As with most great houses the servants ate with the Masters. They sat at the table with cloth on and the glass drinking vessels also the salt container. Hence the saying below the salt. Note the wooden plates and drinking beakers for the servants

This is the Otherside of the Hall

This has now become the Back Side of the Hall. A new road was built to the hall which ended up at the back of the hall. So that became the front. There is a steep drop to the gardens lake which overlooks this side of the hall

A Close up of the Bramall Hall Front

Here we can get a better picture of the half timbered sections and filled in with wattle and daub. Wattle being thin willow branches and filled in with a mixture of mud and cow muck for weather proofing

Bramall Hall

In the Greater Manchester Area near Stockport is Bramall Hall a Beautiful Building dating back to Medieval times. It has been owned by several families notably the Davenports. This is now the front entrance.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Late Night Sky

A sky scene over Tauranga the Tree is a Dougles Fir

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Dog Kennel

While I was in New Zealand I had my Camera as usual and saw this unusual sight. A man had parked near me he got into his car and the Dog got into his kennel and they drove off. The car make was not that old British Car that was called "The Rover". Ha Ha.

Lisa Sarsfield Author of "Tauranga Daily Photo"

I have been on holiday to New Zealand and while I was their I had the Privilege of meeting a fellow blogger Lisa Sarsfield. Her blog is the Famous " Tauranga Daily Photo ". Tauranga is in the Bay of Plenty. Lisa is a busy housewife and a mother of three. She still finds time to do her Blog and is a Freelance Writer to boot. So good people please visit her blog and enjoy.