Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Pink Cadillac.

This Pink Cadillac is a Great Head Turner. Especially with the Dolly Birds Walking Beside It.

Trouble with Suspenders?

High Heels,Black Stockings Look Good, but how do these Damn Suspenders Work. Ha Ha.

Dig those Shoes

If you look past the Main Figure the Him/She with the Pink Umbrella is wearing a Great Pair of Boots or Shoes. Don't you agree?

A Great Costume.

This one of the Best Costumes in the Parade. The Various Wings are Dragged along on a small trolley at the back of the person.

A Goverment Project?

Project Vibe is about looking after the Youths of Preston, helping them to lead healthy life's and put them on the road to a good future, which can't be bad.


This large Banner is About "The Diversity of Creation. and is run by the Unitarians. Their Web Site address is www.unitarian.org.uk Try it to see what it's all about?

Manworthy TV

A further look at the Lads Reveals that on their Chests and Backs they have Manworthy TV written in Silver Paint. I wonder if that's a Web Page on the Internet? If you Know Please Tell Us.

Gay or Straight (Who Cares ) LOL

It may look Warm in the Sun Shine but it's a Cold Wind Blowing, that's why they have got their Boots On.

The Biggest Gayest Bus in the World.

The Rainbow Bus from Milton Keynes their web site is www.pinkpunters.com . This not your average Double Decker Bus. Strictly Gays Only.

Him / Shes

Most Ladies would die for legs like these, but how he manages to walk in High Heels beats me?

A Jolly Bee?

To Bee or not to Bee that is the Question? The Lady Policeman has to lead Buzzie around because he can't see very much inside the costume.

A Panda on Watch?

The Police follow their Float and so does a Panda who had Car designed for him, it was called a Panda Car. LOL.

Neighbour Hood Watch Scheme.

The Neighbour Hood Watch Scheme has just won another convert. The Baby Boy and his Mum love the Spaniel.

One of the Police Floats.

This is the Manchester Police Float with huge speakers on board adding great music for the Parade.

The Envionment Agency.

The Workers from the Agency happy to be in the parade, they do a Great Job.

This is Not T Rex.

This High Lamp Light Bulb Changer decorated with Multiple Balloons is part of Environment Agency Machinery who protects all, from things like floods in fact anything that annoys the public that can be fixed.

Queer Youths?

I didn't think that Gay People liked to be called Queer any more, but they don't seem to mind as their Banner Implies.

Have a Leaflet.

An Assorted Leaflet Giver's to the Crowds Enjoying the Sun Shine while Dressed Up for the Parade.

Trafford Council

Trafford Council is one of the Biggest Councils in the Greater Manchester Area. Famous for Old Trafford Cricket Ground,(Lanc.C Club), Old Trafford Football ( Man United) and Trafford Park Industrial Estate. So an important Council.

The Film Grease

The Musical Grease is still enjoyed. In fact their is a London Stage Production being Rehearsed as we Speak.

Line Dancers in Full Swing

As the Parade passes by The Cowboys give it their all. Yahoo!


As you can see the Web Site address mlgc Stands for (Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus) Just in case you wondered!

The Line Dancers

Not only do these Cowboys Dance, but they Sing as well Very Professional.

Dosi Doe?

The Cowboys Behind the Stage Coach are a Line Dancing Group Strutting their Stuff to the Music.

Horses and Coach

The Horses pulling this Stage Coach have got a lift in the 4 by 4. Now have their Heads out of the Roof Lights

Gym Bikes?

The Gym Boys are Showing what Keep Fit is all about by Using Exercise Bikes.


The Costumes are Designed to use Feathers as their Main Display at the Front, so the back looks a bit bleak, or Cheeky depending your point of view. Ha Ha.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Birds of a Feather?

The Ladies/Men are dressed up in Great Costumes so who cares what Gender they are. LOL.

Help from the Fire Brigade.

The Fire Brigade use the Parade to Publicise Smoke Alarms that they can save Your Life. Also they should be tested Once a Week for Battery Life. They give out Free Smoke Alarms that have a Guaranteed Life for Ten Years.

The Lady Mayoress of Manchester

The Lady Mayoresses Car of Manchester with her Footman is in the Parade. Followed by the Keep Fit Fanatics from the Local Gym.

The Banner Brigade?

Local Businesses have got on the Gravy Train to Advertise Themselves with these Banners.

It's Not All Plane Sailing.

Excuse Me do you know the way to Manchester Airport?

Banner Head Lines.

The Banners Read "Out in the Community" they help people.

Lets Get Started.

At the Head of the Parade the Police Mingle with the Participants I wonder why?

The Parade has Started.

The Police Lead the Way at the Start of the Parade

Show us your Muscles.

Super Man shows his Muscular Physique. While the Guy on the End says it as he sees it.

Chrissy is in for a Treat.

The essential thing for Chrissy is (him or her) There is nothing like Advertising?

Friday, 11 September 2009

Do you come here Often?

There is always somebody that dresses over the top. Black and White is so Dated Yes? LOL.

Who's Your Friend?

The Figure in Orange has just dropped in from a Sixties Sci Fi Movie. What a Great Costume.

There by hangs the Tail

This Pink Aeroplane stroke Car, has it had it's Wings Clipped for the Parade?

Homo Hero's

The Homo Hero's stand bye to Join the Parade all Dressed In Pink.(Nice)!

Waiting for the Stage.

Cow Boys and Indians? No Just a Line Dancing Team getting ready to Perform.

The Exercise Bikes.

Waiting for the Parade to Start these Men Get Ready to Pedal the 10 Exercise Bikes on the Waggon to Show how Fit they Are?

Pink Floyd's Music Van ?

It's amazing what a few Balloons can do to a Bog Standard Halfback. This is one to Note. Ha Ha.

It's not that warm.

On the Top Deck they wait for the Procession to Start, but they all have Goose Pimples it's not very warm.

A High Lamp Bulb Changer.

This is High Maintenance Lamp Post Machine, that has been Dressed Up to look like a Giant Dinosaur. What a Great Idea for the Parade.

These Police Men are Panda Car Drivers?

The Manchester Police Force is heavily involved in the Big Parade and have their own Floats. They are happy to join in to the Spirit of the Parade with the Blessing of the Chief Constable of Manchester.

Bums are Us.Ha Ha.

All getting together before the Parade Starts. Every Body enjoys dressing up for the Big Parade.

The Label Says it All.

Waiting around before the Parade Starts so time for a couple of Beers and a Chin Wag.

Who's Horny Then?

Waiting to Start the Parade I came across these Horny Group of Devils ready to strut their stuff.