Saturday, 23 August 2008

Some Strange Things along the Ship Canal Bank.

All Saints Church 1986-91 Restored. Taken over by
Franciscan Order. The restoration cost over 1 million pounds

In St Catherine's Grave Yard there is the Grave Stone of the man who helped to oversee the building of the Manchester Ship Canal. A Mr Stevens. He was also the managing director of the Trafford Park Estates, which became one e largest Industrial Estate in the World. St Catherines Church was demolished 1976
This strange sign is self explanatory. The grave yard is in bad condition.

Also on the canal bank there is an old Victorian grave yard attached to St Catherine's Church demolished in 1976 among the fallen graves, there was this War Grave of a Canadian Soldier who died and is buried somewhere in the grave yard. Did his family come back to look for his grave and decide to remember him with a new stone?

This is mounted on the Ship Canal Bank. Puzzles me. what was it and what was it used for. Has any body any Idea? If so you can contact me by comments.

More Info. The 10ft high steel structure made from maritime articles called "Stevedore" by Sculptor Brian Fell.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Swing Bridges over the Manchester Ship Canal

The Aqueduct for the BridgeWater Canal. Slides are put in to stop the water going in to the Ship Canal. The original Aqueduct was built of brick and across the River Irwell in the eighteen century. By James Brindley to bring coal from Worsley, so had to be replaced a swing bridge.

This is the Old Road Traffic Bridge. Still in use today. As you can see the Bridge Swings to let the Ships come up the Ship Canal. The tower in the picture is the controller for both road bridge and aqueduct bridge.

The Bridges across the Manchester Ship Canal

This is the High Level Bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal. It was Built to take the Motorway over the Canal. Further towards Manchester all the Bridges are Swing Bridges including the Barton Aqueduct which takes the Bridge Water Canal over the Ship Canal. The Manchester Canal was opened 1894 By Queen Victoria and is Thirty Five and a half miles long. This made Manchester a very busy Inland Port.
7 men died putting up this bridge from falling girders.

Monday, 18 August 2008

A Fountain with a Difference.

I came across this wonderful fountain near the Trafford Centre. The lady who posed for the fountain's sculptor is supposed to be a relative of the family who built the Trafford Centre.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Some Views inside the Trafford Centre

prom ised some views inside the beautiful centre
Ladies your man will love to shop here.
There are places to eat like the great Ship like area complete with funnel and deck swimming pool. This where all the frequent concerts are given.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Manchester Past and Present

Operator This Blog is to introduce you to Manchester and the surrounding districts of this amazing place to live.

Manchester is in Lancashire which is in the North West of England.

Their are lots places to see and history abounds.

Mancunions natives of Manchester are great people, and love their city.
Love Drops

The country side is with in easy reach with lots of places to go.
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