Thursday, 15 October 2009

An Owling Sucess

The Wonderful Owl and the Teachers around it are plugging Education for Everybody.

Cake and Candles

Not to sure what this Cake and Candle Display is about, but it made everybody hungry.

These Brides are from Oldham.

These Brides are from the Oldham Area the Letters are a bit awry but never mind. They have Great Muscles.


The Transgender Procession is led by a Van with a Giant High Heel Shoe on it's Roof. Minni Priscilla's the Queenettes of Canal Street. An Advert for a Bar on Canal Street.

To do with the Beach.

This Float depicts a Beach Scene ( I no not where ) Sing a program of Popular Holiday Songs. They all appear to be Dressed up as Sailors. (Dig that Octopus) LOL.

Suport for Victims of Crime.

More Victims Support People campaigning against crime to the victims who don't get any support from the government.

The Banner Says it All

These People are Advertising "" Web Site to help persons who have been effected by crime against them. All too often the perpetrator of the Crime gets a better deal than the Victim.

Queer Club

The Queer Clubin Alternative Group are all sporting Mustaches and Tee Shirts like Freddie Mercury the Lead Singer of the Queen.

Long Legs and the King.

The King of the Parade with his Hand Maiden who is on Stilts

Go for it Girls?

An other View of the Vacuum Ladies giving it their all.

A Womens Work is Never Done.

This is a New Slant on House Work. Vacuum Cleaners at the Ready. Their is a Problem how ever all these Lovely Ladies have got Mustaches?

Local Radio

This Group of People are working for a Local Radio Station called Smooth Radio on 100.4 Meters. Playing Music that Romantic People Love.

Fertilty for Lesbians? Why Not.

This Group of People are Protesting about Lesbians are not able to get Fertility Treatment on the NHS. They are from the Labour Party Activists. One in the Red Tee Shirt says " I have never kissed a Tory "

Blonds are Best

These Two Blonde's are Collecting for HIV Charity's

Pussin Boots?

Are these Boots the Height of Fashion ? He seems to Think So.

Mother Looks Back

Old Mother Riley looks Back and I Think she was posing for the Camera?

The Prison Sevice

Her Majesty's Prison Service welcomes The Pride of Manchester Parade and as the Banner States they have you Bang to Rights.

Old Mother Riley???

A very tall figure which I think looks like Old Mother Riley. OOps now I am Showing My Age? ( If you want know who he was, Look It up on Wickapedia, the on line Encyclopedia.)

The Quakers League

The Quaker's Banner say "Quaker's Welcome the Gay Community with Open Minds and Open Hearts. That's Big of Them. LOL.

A Band for Drums Only.

This Drumming Band helped to make the Parade liven up and go with a Swing.

Munch at the Crunch

More advertising for Munch at the Crunch It's very very Popular.

A Crunch Bar.

The Crunch Bar is on Canal Street at number 10. It is an Eating Out Restaurant and Drinking Place. It's very popular place to eat and drink for the Gay Community.

He Tells a Tall Story.

They all have Happy Faces as they Advertise Crunchy Bar on Canal Street. To walk on Stilts takes lots of skill. So well done that man.

A Gee String Costume.

This Gee String Costume is a Bit Cheeky. You should see the Front View. (LOL)

Equality for All.

This Group of Young People are plugging Equality For All. I think they mean Equal Pay for Women and Retirement for Men?

United Responce.

As it says on the Banner which is on the Van. You don't have to wear a Cape to be a Hero. The Unitedresponce Web Site Promotes Diversity. Which can't be bad?

Polo Match.

Another View of the Sharks Polo Team Playing Polo on Dry Land.

The Sharks.

The Water Polo Team The Manchester Sharks are in the Parade. It's not very warm but do they care ( No)

Caged Up.

I think this Caged Up Office Worker is trying to Escape to Join the Out Door Men who he Envy's?


The Hikers and Climbers follow the Float to publicise their Web Site.

Water Pistols?

The Outdoor Lads do lots of Outdoor Sports but here they are shooting the Parade Watchers with Water Pistols, and are surprisingly accurate.

The Duo in Action

The Stripe down the Red Boots matches the Skirt, also the Red Beard matches the Gloves and the Top. So he is colour Coordinated.

A Strange Duo?

The Green Person's Hat is a Red High Heeled Shoe. In the person with the Blue Skirt at least the Stocking Seams are straight. (Thinks I wonder if he is )


This Poster says it all about Manbears? So if your interested just go on line and investigate if you want too. Thinks! might be more interesting ( Girl Bears) ? oops Sorry LOL.

Mother and Father and Kids?

Mum and Dad with Two Kids on the Left in white Dressed Up, they could be Grown Ups ? Enlarge to have a Laugh.


The Ambulance in it's Self is an all Dancing, all Singing mini Hospital complete with Balloons and is a German made Mercedes.

NHS Workers from Darwin

These People work for the National Health Service in Darwin they don't live very far from Manchester. All NHS workers up and down Britain are to be praised for their service to the community.

Ambulance Drivers

The National Health Ambulance Drivers join in the Parade. Just hope their was enough left to Drive the Ambulances on Duty.

A Fireman and Crew?

A Very Tall Fireman and his motley crew? Dig those High Heeled Shoes.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


These Students are from the John Mores University of Liverpool and are quite Happy to Walk in the Pride of Manchester Parade. Even though there is fierce rivalry between Manchester and Liverpool. ( Football Teams ).

VIA Restaurant

This bus is also advertising VIA Club,Pub, and Restaurant. Some of the Customers are on the Open Top dressed in Drag.

They Could be Gay?

VIA is a Club for Gay and Lesbian People and very popular with the Community.

Is Mum following Dad?

These wonderfully dressed people are in the Parade and I think Mum is following her husband ( In Green) with their Young Sprog. LOL. Note the walking tall Sack may be he doesn't want to be seen.

Purple People Eaters.

This Group of Purple Hair Ladies are Advertising Premier Inns.

The Village People?

Homo Super Heroes that's what the Placard Says from the Village People. Some of the Costumes are really weird. Click to Enlarge then click back button to get back to the blog.

St Trinians?

I don't remember School Girls like these in my Day. Just click on the Photo to enlarge and look see. Click top back arrow to return to the Blog.

Do as I Say!

The Ring Master keeps everybody in order ( We Hope ) Ha Ha.

Brass Band

Nay Lad, thas nowt like Good Brass Band to Liven Up The Parade. ( Sorry for the Lancashire Twang ) LOL.


This group of revellers are Teachers who support The Pride of Manchester Parade Hence the Banners.

The Costumes are Great.

A Closer Look at the Costumes. Such an attention to detail.( Yes )